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An average 400 lb. side of beef

approximately consists of:

8 Chuck Steaks cut 1” thick ( lots of different shoulder cuts packed into one Steak)

2 Chuck Roast 3-4 lbs (Great for pot roasting or using for pulled beef)

2 Cross Rib Roast (Excellent for dry roasting in the oven) or 4-6 Shoulder London Broils

2 Briskets 3-4lbs each or Stew/Ground beef (Excellent in the smoker or used like pulled pork)

16 Rib Eye Steaks or 4 Rib Roast (quantity varies on thickness and/or weight of Roast)

4 Packages of Short Ribs or Ground Beef (Excellent slow cooked or in the smoker)

7-10 NY Strip Steaks or 7-10 PorterHouse/T-Bone Steaks (Depends if you want the Tenderloin pulled and cut into Steaks or whole for roasting)

4-6 Sirloin Steaks (Excellent Griller)

1 Flank Steak  (Excellent Griller)

3 Picanha Steaks ( Crisp up the fat cap, grill to medium rare, slice and enjoy)

4 Bavette Steaks (goes by a few different names “Flap Steak”, “Grilling Tenders” any way it's great for fajita night)

2 Top Round Roast, 4 lbs. each (if you're not the roasting type we can cut more steaks)

4 Top Round London Broils (you can feed a lot of people at once with just one of these beauties, great for marinating and grilling)

2 Top Sirloin Roast, 3-4 lbs. each

4 Top Sirloin London Broils 

4 Bottom Round Roast, 3-4 lbs. each

2 Eye Round Roast, 2-3 lbs

Stew Beef (typical 10-15lbs, if you want more we can cut more and if you are not the stewing type we can make more Ground Beef)

Ground Beef 70-80 lbs ( the weight varies on cut choices, for example if you wanted more ground and less roasts we can increase Ground Beef by grinding those cuts)

Marrow Bones

Soup Bones

Dog Bones 

Beef Suet 

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