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Down the Road Butchery

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This is how we keep it local, this is how a community sustains agriculture in our Hudson Valley home. Over the last decade people have become more concerned with where their food comes from. Supermarket chain stores have been a major outlet for consumers. When the 2020 pandemic hit we saw supermarket shelves empty. Many consumers who were not using local farmers and their local markets began to. Farmers were limited on product due to the spike in demand that occurred. They needed to increase their herd size to meet consumers demand for animal protein. When you purchase cuts of meat from the supermarket you have no idea where it's coming from, how it was raised or the quality of the product.


About Down the Road Butchery

Down the Road Butchery began with a Maple tree, a cutting board and a freezer in 2011. Over the seasons we were able to build a proper processing facility to take care of your wild game harvest. We take so much pride in sanitary processing and being able to get you the best yield out of your harvest.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Sunda8am to 5pm

2023 Regular Season


Greg Hangac

174 Battenfeld Rd Milan NY 12571

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