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Belle Meadow Farm has been raising hogs in the Hudson Valley since 2013. Since then they have fine tuned their farming practice to deliver a fine quality product to your dinner table.

An average 200 lb. Whole Hog

approximately consists of:

2  Fresh Ham’s, Whole, halved or cut into Steaks (we do not cure or smoke)

2 Pork Bellies Fresh or Sliced into Fresh Slabs (we do not cure or smoke)

2 Pork Loins Cut into Pork Chops and/or Loin Roast (Cut to your desired thickness and/or weights) 

2 Pork Butts (4-6 lbs) or Country Style Ribs

2 Pork Picnics (4-6 lbs) or Shoulder Steaks

2 Racks of Spare Ribs (3-3 ½ lbs)

4 Fresh Hocks or for Sausage 

Aprox. 16 lbs of Ground Pork or Loose Breakfast Sausage

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